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Carol Grace Miller

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I paint oil, watercolor, acrylic and do ceramic tiles

My mom went to Art School and taught me some technic but a lot of my style I developed on my own. My grandpa and his brother were both painters in the San Francisco area and their father was a mural painter in England. In our house, art was just something you did.

From coast to coast and beyond

I was raised in California and moved to the East Coast in 2001. In 2010, I moved to up-state New York, near the beautiful Finger Lakes. I also have made friends with people all over the world through an Conversational English class at nearby Cornell.


All this influences my painting. I love the wild places near where I live. I love to do portraits of flowers and celebrate the changing seasons.

Heart to Heart

Let me know if my work speaks to your heart. They are on sale by email: carolspictures226@gmail.com.

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